About me

Hi, I’m Chantal.

My passion is empowering  you to feel WELL in your body and life by reconnecting to (your true) nature through yoga, ayurveda and holistic nutrition. 

As a mother, entrepreneur and cancer thriver, I know that life can be overwhelming at times. And if you don't prioritize your joy and wellbeing, no one else will.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Ritual Priestess, I can't wait to help you feel WELL through cyclic living, transformative movement and simple seasonal rituals to nourish your physical and spiritual self.

Pre-covid, I directed The Well yoga studio I founded in 2006, managed wellness programs at the Orchard Recovery Center, ran retreats in sunny places and taught at festivals throughout Europe.

Now, I'm the proud Director of Yoga Teacher Training at The Vancouver School of Healing Arts and Faculty member of the Integrative Nutrition Program at Rhodes Wellness College. 

When not teaching online, I can be found hanging out with my two horses, young pup and six ducks on our farm, or with my husband and son enjoying the beaches and mountains of Vancouver Island, where we now call home. 

The Well Method

Wild Embodied Liberated Living. 

The Well Method for wild embodied liberated living is simple and easy to follow. 

Inspired by the wisdom of nature and informed by the teachings of yoga, ayurveda and feminine spirituality, The Well Method will help you realign to the healing power of nature and nourish your body, mind and soul, through transformative movement, breath work, meditation and seasonal wellness rituals. 

Every Well Method class begins with a dynamic opening to free tension from your body and reconnect you to the earth (wild), followed by strengthening (embodied) and lengthening (liberated) poses, ending with an inspiring meditation to help your awaken to the beauty of your life (living).  





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