Summer Solstice + New Moon Blessings!

new moon summer solstice wild Jun 19, 2020

photo by Bryan Goff

Referred to as the “Ring of Fire”, tomorrow marks the powerful triple alignment of the Summer Solstice , Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer.

As the longest day of the year, the summer solstice represents the brightest day of the year, the most light filled and life giving. The new moon is the dark womb space, a time for introspection, deep imagining of new directions and planting seeds of intention.

In the archetypal sign of the mother, cancer rules our emotions and invites us to feel everything. This new moon may bring old wounds and deep hidden traumas to the surface, in order to be seen, felt and integrated.

As the saying goes “to feel is to heal”, so allow yourself to cry, grieve, laugh, be angry, rejoice, forgive; welcome and love all of your emotions as a mother compassionately comforting her divine children. Every part of you wants to be seen, loved by light of your awareness like the warmth of the sun.

Eclipses set patterns into motions, how we treat ourselves and each other now will set the tone for the weeks to come. Take responsibility for the energy you bring to the world. 

Tonight and tomorrow is a powerful time to be in prayer, create ceremony and speak out loud how you want to hold space for yourself and others, and envision what you want to create during this great turning. 

Summer Solstice Celebrations:

  • Stay up all night on solstice eve and watch the sun rise
  • Celebrate the sun and its gifts to us
  • Celebrate yourself and all that you’ve accomplished
  • Gather with friends outside to share food, song and soul nourishing company. 
  • Decorate yourself with flowers or make headdresses with your kids.
  • Create a mandala to the sun where each person can lay a flower with a wish for the coming energy change
  • Traditionally, potted herbs were given to friends at this time.
  • Cut garden herbs, dry them in the dark (brown paper bags are good). Use muslin to make herb bags for tea and baths. 
  • A time for outdoor fires. Symbolically throw in the fire what you wish to release (write it on a piece of paper to burn). 

With solstice energy, I’m thrilled to “birth” the new platform and website for The Well Women. Going forward, all of my blog posts, online courses and membership site will live here. 

With the New Moon energy, I pray this virtual space becomes a gathering place for you to drink from your inner well of wisdom, remember who you are, and draw inspiration for personal and planetary wellness. 

Deep blessings on this profound Solstice!

All my heart, 


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