Listening + Learning: Anti-Racism Resources

antiracism Jun 04, 2020

photo by Clay Banks

We are on the precipice of something huge. 

Know that self care during these times is not selfish, but essential to cultivate the compassion, diligence and boldness needed for the work that lies ahead. 

I’m not saying all of our work is the same. Some of us are learning about racism and some of us are living it. Therefore, our roles and responsibilities to the eradication of racism is different. 

But I think we can all sit with the question, what am I willing to risk for BIPOC lives? How can I serve at this time? And then do it.

Keep doing your daily practices. Be ok with discomfort, mistakes and messiness. This is how we live our spirituality and embrace our shared humanity. 

A post on social media is not enough. Everyday action is required to dismantle racism.

To start, I’m making the following company wide (W-School & The Well on Bowen) commitments:

  • We will listen. This week, we won’t be promoting any content on our social channels to give more space for the more relevant and prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • We will learn. I am working to compile resources to educate ourselves on the issues, challenges, and actions that we all can take, both internally at The Well, as well as externally in our personal lives. Here are some anti-racism resources for white people. 


Me & White Supremacy by Layla Saad

White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

Skill in Action by Michelle Johnson


Dismantling Racism by Michelle Johnson


The Good Ancestor Podcast

CTZN Well Podcast

  • We will amplify the voices of others. My voice is not the voice that matters right now. We will continue to use our platform and social media channels to help amplify the voices of the Black community.
  • We will contribute to others. We are supporting BIPOC businesses through purchasing their services and products and donating to various causes
  • We remain committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist community. I fully acknowledge that I have more work to do to uphold the banner of unity in diversity, and build a diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist community — both for our online courses, classes and our broader community. 

I always welcome dialogue. 

Please reply with any suggestions you’d like to share, anything you’d like to see from me, or any resources you have found helpful during this time. 


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