Ask Your Inner Wise Woman

crone wise women May 12, 2020

Hello Wise Woman, 

As communities slowly begin to re-open and we emerge from our cocoons into our new post covid reality, I’m filled with anxiety and hope. 

Anxious that we’ll rush back into our old ways of busy-ness and consumption. Hopeful that the changes we’ve experienced have left a lasting imprint, and opened our eyes to a slower, more nourishing way of life. 

“Take your time, the whole world is in transition, don’t rush into or commit to anything right now”, a therapist friend advised. The soothing reminder my soul needed to hear in that moment. 

It’s ok to go slow. And to let things go. And to not know what comes next.

When faced with life's big questions, I imagine myself as an old woman, fifty years from now, looking back on this time, and I ask her, my inner wise woman, for guidance. 

Although culturally we’ve dismissed the elders in our communities, for thousands of years, older women, known as Crones were sought out and worshipped for the wisdom they imparted. Becoming a Crone was the crowning achievement of a woman’s life.

The archetype of the crone had and has now more than ever, a vital role to play. She is the one who has witnessed the past and who sees far into the future. She sees it all and doesn’t run away from it. Because she sees the whole of things, she is not afraid to let things die, whether people, ideas, or businesses. Her long boney fingers point to the way of life and the way of death. She extinguishes the flame of life and relights it. She destroys what is no longer useful or wholesome in order to make way for the birth of something new and more beneficial. 

I’m struck by the fact that the word Crone and Corona both have the same root from the latin word crown. Perhaps her wisdom is demanding to be heard again. 

My inner crone, the wise woman within encourages me not to return to balance or normalcy, but to transformation and refinement. To go slow. To trust the unraveling, and the rebirth. 

What’s your inner crone whispering to you?

I’d love to hear. 



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