Welcome, I'm Chantal. 


Through online courses, yoga classes and wellness coaching, I serve to empower modern women with ancient wisdom and help them reclaim their Divine Feminine Radiance.

As a mama, entrepreneur and cancer thriver, I know that life can be overwhelming at times. And if you don't prioritize your joy, your health, and your wellness, no one else will.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and Ritual Priestess, I love to support women's cyclical nature, by teaching what foods to eat, habits to break and create, and simple rituals to nourish yourself through the many phases and seasons of life/death/rebirth.

What is The Well by Chantal Russell?


Being WELL is a way of living rooted in self worth, and is the culmination of the choices we make everyday.

It's the little things we do (or don't do) overtime that create the lasting wellbeing we seek.

Through yoga, conscious lifestyle design and simple daily rituals, The Well by Chantal Russell was created to help you realign to nature (even if you live in a big city), nourish your body and soul, and share your gifts with this beautiful world that needs your radiance deeply.

I believe that being well is about living a WILD EMBODIED LIBERATED LIFE, and value nature, body, soul and service.

Inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda, Tantra and the Priestess Path, The Well by Chantal Russell is an online gathering space to remember your connection to the earth & the sacred, realign to the wisdom of nature, and to revive your relationship to the Great Mother.

WELLness comes from embracing your divinity and your humanity. 

Being WELL is about cultivating personal and collective wellness through the choices you make everyday.



To be wild is to connect to the land upon which you walk and to live in alignment with Nature. 

Wild is embracing cyclic living. To re-align to the flow of the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the rhythm of life. 

Your Wild is also your uniqueness. Your natural state. It’s what makes you, YOU. Connect to your purpose and find ways to express it.



You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your body is not an obstacle to your spiritual growth but the manifestation of your divinity.

Your body is innately holy/healthy/whole.

We acknowledge that every one's embodied experience is different, valued and honoured.

We aim to feel the wisdom of our emotions fully, to release trauma from our tissues, and to create pathways for more joy to flow. 

We believe that taking care of our physical health through a breath work, yoga and plant based eating sets the foundations for a vibrant life.



We are freedom seeking creative beings. We were created to create.

Although our creative spirit is innately free, the truth is, we are not truly free until we are all free. We cannot be well in a culture that is unwell. 

We pledge our privilege to educate ourselves, to actively break down barriers to wellness, to create brave space (not let feelings of guilt/shame/discomfort/pain/powerlessness dominate) to dismantle oppression and expand self care to community care.

We meditate to liberate our mind and free our creativity, choosing to use our life force for the benefit of all beings. 



Rooted in self worth, the Well Woman puts her devotion in motion and asks, how I can I best serve?

We are modern women; with jobs, relationships and worldly responsibilities, who desire to live a life of spiritual awakening as well as outer abundance, inner freedom and deep intimacy.

Here, wellbeing and spiritual awakening are not approached as an endless self-improvement project or forever elusive goal that we will “one day” get to.

Spirituality is not somewhere else. Our practice roots us in the wisdom of our body and the holiness of the here and now.

The world is your temple. Walk in beauty and serve with love.





Here at The Well by Chantal Russell we are committed to helping all people live a Wild Embodied Liberated Life.

It is our mission to offer online courses & wellness programs that are accessible, that respect and honour diversity, and that foster individual and collective well-being.

Steps we are taking towards visioning and building an anti-oppressive space:

  • We strive to provide an online space for those who identify as women – including those who are gender non-conforming, Two-Spirit, non-binary, or trans – feel safe and welcome. 
  • The Well Women's leadership is engaged in a process of learning about, and addressing, systems of power that perpetuate racism and privilege whiteness, including Decolonizing Practices and Dismantling Racism Training. 
  • We seek to understand how we, as a Western yoga business, are complicit in systemic racism and colonization. 
  • By educating ourselves, we seek to minimize harm and to provide a space that is more inclusive, welcoming, and accessible to Black, Brown, and Indigenous people of colour (BIPOC). 
  • We further believe that education must be matched with real action, and we have taken steps to de-centre whiteness, by amplifying the voices of BIPOC in our community and supporting BIPOC business and foundations.

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